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What are IP69, IP69K, IP68, and IP67 Certifications and Why They Matter for Your Tracking Needs

What’s the significance of these certifications? Learn more about the different ratings and why you need a tracking device that can withstand rugged environment and conditions.

Certifications related to weather resistance, such as IP69, IP69K, IP68, and IP67, indicate the level of protection a device or enclosure provides against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, and water and are defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the IEC 60529 standard. These ratings are commonly used to specify the ruggedness and waterproof capabilities of electronic devices, industrial equipment, and consumer products. So why does this matter when determining what tracking device to use? Because you need a device that can withstand rugged environments and conditions. Getting the right device for the job is crucial for the accuracy and success of what and how you need to track.   

Here’s a breakdown of what each IP rating signifies in terms of weather resistance: 

IP69 Certification

IP69 is the highest level of protection against solids and liquids. IP69-rated devices are designed to operate in extremely harsh environments, including those with frequent exposure to water, dust, and debris. This rating suits applications requiring the most stringent waterproof and dustproof capabilities. 

IP69K Certification

IP69K is an extension of the IP (Ingress Protection) rating system, and like IP69, IP69K represents the highest protection against dust and high-pressure water jets. The “K” stands for “Kondenswasser,” which translates to condensation water in German. 

IP69K-rated devices are designed to withstand harsh environments that involve regular exposure to water, high-pressure cleaning, and steam cleaning processes. This rating is commonly used in food processing, agriculture, automotive, and industrial manufacturing industries, where equipment must endure frequent and rigorous cleaning procedures.  

Geoforce Solution 

Our GT0, GT1, and GT2 devices are all IP69K and IP68 certified. That means if you’re using an asset tracking device for marine applications, the device must withstand the possibility of submersion*. 

*Our devices do not ping when under the water; they are waterproof and will not take on water damage up to a certain depth.  

IP68 Certification

IP68 is the second-highest rating commonly found in rugged electronic devices and smartphones. The device is dust-tight and can be submerged in water beyond 1 meter (3.3 feet) for a specified time without harmful effects. The specific duration and depth of water immersion can vary depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Geoforce Solution 

If you’re tracking assets like railcars, the possibility of the tracking device being exposed to all types of weather and environmental conditions is high. Our AT2, AT3, and AT4 (and all GT devices, as previously mentioned) are IP68 certified, making this a great solution for various industries and use-cases.  

IP67 Certification

IP67 offers a slightly lower level of protection compared to IP68. It indicates that the device is dust-tight and can be submerged in water up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) for a limited time without damage. Like IP68, the exact time duration for submersion may vary between devices. 

Geoforce Solutions 

All GT and AT devices are IP67 certified. The only new addition to this certification is our AT1. If you need a device that is still durable and rugged but doesn’t need quite the heavy-duty capabilities as our GT devices, this could be the right solution.  

It’s important to note that while these ratings indicate the level of protection against moisture and solids, they do not provide information about other environmental factors such as temperature extremes, impact resistance, or UV exposure. Therefore, it’s essential to consider other factors when evaluating a device’s suitability for specific weather conditions. 

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