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Garner Environmental Services Improves Emergency Response Asset Tracking With Geoforce

Based in Texas, Garner has provided emergency response and disaster recovery services both domestically and internationally for over 40 years. Garner’s emergency planning and response efforts have mitigated the aftermath of notable disasters including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Michael, and many more.

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Garner struggled to keep tabs on its constantly moving equipment, including tanks, trailers, pumps and roll-off containers. Operating amid natural disasters didn’t help, as cell towers were unreliable at transmitting information about Garner’s equipment. The company’s lack of visibility in these situations led them to explore Geoforce’s best-in-class satellite network-connected trackers.


Garner now employs a more effective way to track both owned and borrowed equipment deployed across the United States. After assessing the emergency response company’s needs, Geoforce initially recommended our GT0 device, which connects to our asset intelligence platform.

Unlike with cell towers, satellite communication is unaffected by natural disasters, making Geoforce devices’ satellite capabilities especially beneficial for Garner’s emergency response use case. Our mobile field tool also plays a key role in equipment deployment, allowing the Garner team to swiftly tag and assign assets onsite, while the tool’s geofencing feature allows for easy reporting on asset location and availability.


With Geoforce, Garner has a clear picture of their assets’ whereabouts when they’re deployed in emergency situations. In fact, in just one of its deployments, the company was able to identify and track over 1,000 pieces of equipment.

The Geoforce platform also gave Garner the flexibility to use asset groups, asset naming options, automated reporting and pin color features to help them focus on specific asset location and utilization. These features have helped them quickly identify and deploy the nearest asset type, saving valuable time in critical response situations.