Connected Software - Actionable Insights For Field Assets

Connected Software

Actionable Insights for Field Assets


Locate valuable equipment and plan field operations

Know where your assets are at all times, including entry and exit events from defined locations, asset utilization and enriched location data, detailed industry map overlays, rail stops, well sites, drilling platforms and more.


Confirm service delivery and avoid billing disputes

Verify time-on-site and engine runtime with geofencing and data visibility for both you and your customers. Accurate data removes guesswork and hearsay from billing operations.

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Ensure equipment is certified and increase uptime on jobs

More accurately schedule preventative maintenance and track regular certifications with runtime, mileage, and date-based notifications. This facilitates higher uptime over the life of your equipment.

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Turn equipment faster, increase asset utilization

Greater visibility into utilization and location of your equipment, means increased speed of deployment from one worksite to another and maximized profits from your existing fleet.

We see a noticeable decrease in the number of technician visits per compressor. Before, one technician serviced 60 compressors at most. Now? More than two hundred per technician! Today we proactively service units – preventing failures that cause expensive downtimes. The result – availability up to 99.9% for some customers. That’s unheard of in our industry – but it’s everyday business at Compact.

-Chris Scrupa Business Development Manager at Compact Compression
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Specialized Resources

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Mobile App

In our fast-paced world, your team won’t always be sitting at the computer screen. Our on-the-go asset management solutions have the data you need – where and when you need it!

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Mobile Field Tool

Equip your technicians with the ability to edit configurations as needed. With our mobile field tool, your team won’t have to go through our support team for minor changes.

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Developer APIs

Geoforce uses the GraphQL Standard to allow our customers to pull existing data relating to devices, assets and many other supporting data points into your own applications or reports.