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Freight Asset Intelligence

From maintenance of way equipment to railcars, equip your team with near real-time asset intelligence with rugged GPS trackers.

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Freight Asset Intelligence with GPS Trackers Built to Last

Geoforce’s trackers have been purpose-built for the freight transportation industry to last up to 10 years, providing you the operational and asset intelligence to optimize your logistical pain points.

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24/7 Asset Visibility

Remotely monitor your freight assets from anywhere, at any time, with our rugged GPS trackers that have see up to 10 year operational service life.

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Instant Alerts

Be the first to know with near real-time alerts by utilizing geofencing so you can stay up-to-date on where your freight equipment is located.

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Increase Asset Velocity

Decrease costs by identifying idle time spent at rail stations, border crossings, or in a yard so you can get your freight where it needs to be.


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Install our durable, rugged Geoforce tracking devices on your freight assets

Monitor GPS location, equipment utilization, engine runtime, and other critical data in the connected Geoforce software platform. Choose reporting frequency and activate devices that use satellite communication, cellular networks or a combination of the two to deliver your information.

Use aggregated data to reduce equipment dwell time, make informed business decisions and increase the efficiency of your freight operations.

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We needed something where I could get my hands on the truck without actually flying to the truck. Geotab provided that. I could look at the engine and the transmission and never leave my office. We can do maintenance now based on mileage and time, instead of waiting until the truck breaks down. It helps our costs. It helps keep the truck productive. We’re not making any money if the truck’s sitting in the garage.

-DJ Harrison National Fleet Manager
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Container Tracking

Track containers and gather GIS location data to automatically produce an accurate gauge of the number of days an asset has been on location.

Container Tracking

Trailer Tracking

Never lose sight of your trailers again. With our stealth GPS trackers, you can better prevent trailer loss, theft while increasing utilization.

Trailer Tracking

Fleet Tracking

Reduce risk and keep drivers and materials safe. Maintain visibility of your entire fleet in one easy to use platform and start optimizing routes, idle times, and more.

Fleet Tracking