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Operational Efficiency

Gain greater operational efficiencies through insight into your asset usage and location

Make the most of your existing fleet

Monitor utilization and increase equipment turn time between locations with GPS-based asset intelligence data .

We see a noticeable decrease in the number of technician visits per compressor. Before, one technician serviced 60 compressors at most. Now? More than two hundred per technician! Today we proactively service units – preventing failures that cause expensive downtimes. The result – availability up to 99.9% for some customers. That’s unheard of in our industry – but it’s everyday business at Compact.

-Chris Scrupa Business Development Manager at Compact Compression
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Assets We Track

  • Chemical Tanks
  • Railcars
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pallets
  • Generators
  • Skid Steers
  • And More…

Industries We Serve

  • Medical and Dental
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Maritime
  • Equipment Rental
  • Aviation
  • And More…