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Waste Management

Locate roll offs, dumpsters, portable toilets, and more with GPS tracking.

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Rugged and reliable tracking solutions for waste management.

Use GPS data to monitor the locations of your waste bins for quick retrieval, loss prevention, driver dispatch, maintenance and more.

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Proven durability

Extensively tested for difficult and extreme environments with hermetically sealed devices and optional mounting bezels for extra protection.

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One Pane of Glass

View trucks and non-powered equipment in a single application, allowing for greater visibility across inventory and service delivery.

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Our hardware and software variety helps you build a solution that meets the unique needs of your business.

We used to log the location of our bins in an Excel sheet, keep paperwork orders on file and physically drive to the site to verify the location. It took hours and even days to track these assets. Now, we achieve the same result with a report that takes five minutes to generate.

-Curtis Fox Ponder Environmental Area Manager
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Locate valuable equipment and plan field operations

Proven theft recovery applications – with GPS tracking, track uninsured or older equipment to prevent loss, which ultimately lowers your insurance and replacement costs.


Confirm service delivery and avoid billing disputes

With service verification, quickly confirm an invoice submitted or received is complete and correct, increasing visibility and eliminating discrepancies between customers and suppliers.

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Ensure equipment is certified and reduce downtime on jobs

With engine runtime and equipment usage data, your team can perform preventative maintenance and compliance checks to minimize downtime during regular operations.


Turn equipment faster, increase asset utilization

Increase the level of efficiency within your fleet by utilizing GPS to more efficiently locate and retrieve equipment.