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As tough and rugged as your equipment

Geoforce tracking assets perform in locations too challenging for other tracking devices – no matter how hot, muddy, deep cold and hard-working. Our tough devices do their job so you can do yours. The rugged metal bezel and hermetically sealed construction provide durable protection from extreme temperatures, forces and chemicals. Founded by oil and gas industry veterans, we understand the high cost of missing equipment. Oil and gas operators around the globe trust Geoforce with efficiency – and profits.

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Perform Inventory

Days on Location reports exact latitude and longitude – telling you if assets are in operation.

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Increase Safety

Advanced Vehicle Tracking enables compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) and Daily Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) regulations, while staying alert to events that may impact your materials.

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Greater Productivity

Get your trailers, containers and other oilfield equipment on the road faster by decreasing the time they sit empty.

Geoforce tracking systems have added value to Tiger Rentank’s equipment leasing by allowing better fleet management, optimization of assets and enhanced customer experience. We chose Geoforce because, in addition to meeting our safety requirements, the company offers the best online fleet management system.

-Daiane Machado Commercial Supervisor, Tiger Rentank do Brasil
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Maximize Equipment Utilization

Generate utilization and telemetry reports for your equipment location and usage to determine if you have equipment sitting in one location that can be used at another.

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Efficiently Retrieve Equipment

Increase the level of service efficiency you provide your customers by utilizing GPS-based systems and asset tracking software to efficiently retrieve equipment and dispatch drivers.

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Perform Inventory in a Snap

Reports tie GIS data to the latitude and longitude of an asset to produce an accurate gauge of the number of days an asset has been on location.

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Eliminate Invoice Discrepancies

With Geoforce’s service verification module, verify driver trips and stops to quickly confirm an invoice submitted or received is complete and correct.

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Keep Drivers and Materials Safe

Enable compliance with HOS and DVIR regulations, while staying alert to events that may impact the integrity of your transported materials.

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Increase Asset Velocity

Get your trailers, containers and other oilfield equipment back on the road as quickly as possible by decreasing the amount of time they sit empty.