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Theft Recovery With or Without Asset Tracking 

Learn how rugged GPS asset tracking can help prevent equipment loss and theft.

A Real-Life Story of Recovering Stolen Assets with GPS Tracking and What You’re Risking if You Don’t Track Them 

A Case Story of Asset Recovery from Theft 

When a client needed to track more than 4,000 trailers nationwide, they utilized Geoforce’s AT3 cellular device to get the job done. These versatile devices already had a proven track record of helping prevent theft and loss, so the client felt confident trusting their fleet with the AT3.  

When a trailer theft happened at one of their customer locations, the client immediately contacted Geoforce to request that the tracking device be put in Repo Mode (a signal to the equipment that triggers a command to report more frequently.) So Geoforce quickly changed the configuration on the device to report every 5 minutes with the trailer in motion and every hour when stationary. With this configuration activated, the client was able to pinpoint the location of the $20,000 gooseneck trailer, and police were able to recover it quickly. With its AT3 tracker and connected monitoring platform, Geoforce can also increase or decrease the sensitivity on the device, which helps send out a message as soon as motion is triggered. 

What you risk if you’re not tracking your assets:  

Reduced Deterrence:Asset trackers act as a visible deterrent to potential thieves. The presence of tracking devices on valuable assets can discourage criminals from attempting theft in the first place, as they know there is a higher likelihood of being caught or traced. 

Limited Visibility: Without asset tracking, you have limited or no real-time visibility into the location of your assets. This lack of visibility can make it difficult to know the exact whereabouts of your assets at any given time, making them vulnerable to theft. 

Slower Detection: When a theft occurs, asset tracking systems can provide immediate alerts when assets are moved without authorization. Without this instant detection, realizing that an asset has been stolen may take longer, giving thieves more time to escape or hide the stolen goods. 

Delayed Response: Without real-time tracking data, the response time to a theft incident may be delayed. The longer it takes to respond, the lower the chances of recovering the stolen assets. 

Inefficient Resource Allocation: In the absence of asset tracking, you might need to dedicate more resources to regular manual checks and inspections of assets to ensure their security. This can be time-consuming and may divert resources from other essential tasks. 

Increased Financial Loss: The lack of asset tracking can lead to higher financial losses in the event of theft. Recovering stolen assets becomes challenging, and you may need to replace the stolen items, incurring additional costs. 

Impact on Insurance Coverage: Some insurance policies require asset tracking systems as security measures. Not using asset trackers might result in limited coverage or increased insurance premiums due to higher perceived risks. 

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Asset tracking might be mandatory in certain industries to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, especially for high-value or sensitive assets. Not using asset trackers could lead to non-compliance and potential legal consequences. 

Reputation Damage: Frequent incidents of theft can damage the reputation of businesses or organizations, leading to a loss of trust from customers, clients, and partners. 

Missed Theft Patterns: Asset tracking data can reveal patterns of theft or attempted theft, helping to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop proactive security measures. Without this data, you can miss out on learning theft patterns and still be vulnerable to theft.  

Why Take the Risk?  

Don’t assume your assets are theft-proof. Utilizing asset tracking can help you prevent and recover from theft and can also help operations, efficiency, and asset visibility. The benefits of asset tracking are endless, see how Geoforce can help you keep your assets in sight.