The Ultimate Recovery Tool: Find Lost Equipment with Geoforce AT3 - Geoforce

The Ultimate Recovery Tool: Find Lost Equipment with Geoforce AT3

Introducing the AT3 from Geoforce

Geoforce’s AT3 is a powerful GPS-tracking device designed to track and monitor equipment and vehicles in the equipment rental, construction, and transportation industries. One of the key features of the AT3 is its repossession mode (repo mode), which can be used to recover lost or stolen equipment.

Repo Mode

When repo mode is activated, the Geoforce AT3 sends a signal to the equipment, which triggers a command to report more frequently. This allows companies to gain improved visibility into their asset’s location and increase recovery speed.

You need access to Geoforce AT3’s online portal or mobile app to activate repo mode. Once you log in, you can locate the device that’s been stolen or lost and enable repo mode. You can also set up non-repo mode alerts to notify you if the equipment is moved or if it enters or exits a specific geographical area.

Repo mode can be a powerful tool for recovering lost or stolen equipment, but it’s important to use it responsibly. Before activating repo mode, notify the authorities and provide them with the equipment’s location. You should also work closely with law enforcement to ensure the recovery process is safe and legal.

Other Key Features

In addition to repo mode, the Geoforce AT3 offers a range of other features that can help you track and monitor your equipment. These include near real-time location tracking, reports on usage and sensor data, and alerts for maintenance and repairs.

Overall, the Geoforce AT3 is a valuable asset for any business that relies on non-powered equipment. Its robust tracking and monitoring capabilities help you keep your equipment safe, secure, and in good working condition. And with repo mode, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to recover your equipment in the event of theft or loss.