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Train Car GPS Tracking

Can rugged GPS trackers help solve the issues of the rail industry? Absolutely… Learn how below.

Railroad car tracking enhances safety and security of both transported goods and the employees that keep your operation running. Knowing exactly where your freight cars are at all times also helps you increase efficiency through a tight schedule that improves customer relationships.

Around the globe, railways trust Geoforce train GPS tracking systems to track the movement of locomotives, rail cars and maintenance vehicles in real time. As a result, these railway systems experience fewer accidents, delays and setbacks, plus increased track capacity, better customer relations and greater cost effectiveness. 

Are you considering railroad car tracking for your operation? Below, read about a few of the issues facing the railroad industry and how the right, high quality train GPS tracking system can help solve them.

Issues with Train Tracking

Rural and Remote Areas

When transporting goods long distances, passing through remote, rural areas is inevitable. Not every train GPS tracking app is up to the job. It is extremely important to choose a tracking system that is reliable around the world, no matter how remote the location. In order for a live map tracking system to truly transform the way you do business, you need to be able to trust the accuracy of its data at all times and in all locations. 

High Cost of Idle Freight Cars

Underutilization is one of the greatest struggles of the railway industry. Long idle times result in lost profits and high annual demurrage fees. This hurts your business, especially when you let down loyal customers who depend on your deliveries for their bottom line. Consider these statistics related to idle train cars:

  • 56% of the freight cars in the U.S. don’t move on any given day.
  • Loaded cars often sit idle for 23 hours a day before being routed to their destination. 
  • Demurrage fees for many fleets exceed seven figures annually.

Keep your customers happy and improve communication when you incorporate GPS asset tracking into your existing rail logistics systems.

Train Car Theft

Unfortunately, train car theft is a real issue facing the industry. Companies are always looking for ways to reduce theft of goods and property. One of the best ways to prevent losses from theft is a reliable train GPS tracker app. 

With Geoforce’s Track and Trace system, you can set up geofences for your assets. If an asset moves outside of the set geofence, you will immediately receive an alert. When it comes to theft, the sooner you contact authorities, the greater the chance your assets will be returned to you. 

Safety Concerns

In transportation, safety is always a concern. If a railcar goes too fast or brakes too quickly, there can be serious consequences for employees and the general public. Live tracking and automatic reporting with Track and Trace allow you to keep a close eye on safety considerations, so you can address problems before they become dangerous. 

Easy to Install Train GPS Tracking Systems

Geoforce’s train GPS devices are simple and easy to install. Our tracking devices are designed to install securely for maximum security and reliability. You can count on our trackers to stay attached to your assets, even in harsh climates or other rugged environments. 

When it’s time to install your new GPS trackers, a Geoforce Certified Field Service Technician will ensure every device is properly secured. Then, our Customer Success Managers will confirm that your application is configured properly, so you can start tracking your assets right away. 

Rugged & Reliable Railroad Car Tracking Devices from Geoforce

Geoforce’s GPS asset tracking devices help you optimize your entire fleet, especially non-powered assets that are easier to lose or misplace than their powered counterparts. For non-powered assets, consider our GT2s, GT1, GT0 and AT1 trackers. 

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