Increase operational efficiency and utilization without reinventing the wheel

Geoforce understands the importance of managing assets to improve overall performance by easily providing critical information through the Track and Trace application. The rail industry can benefit from GPS asset tracking to complement existing logistics systems used today. Geoforce’s solutions can eliminate revenue losses by optimizing the entire fleet, especially non-powered assets that can be easily lost or misplaced.


Benefits for the Rail Industry

Increase asset velocity

Get your idle rail cars back on the tracks as quickly as possible and decrease dwell times and demurrage charges. Use Geofencing and Geozones to identify time spent at rail stations, border crossings, or time in a yard.

Recover lost equipment

Remotely monitor your boxcars, tankers, and hoppers via Geoforce’s GPS tracking solutions to ensure they are quickly found when they become decoupled from the train during shunting or switching.

Maximize equipment utilization

Generate daily, weekly, and other periodic utilization and telemetry reports for your railcars' location and usage that will help you determine if you have one sitting at a location that can be used at another.

Eliminate invoice discrepancies

Track and Trace allows you to share billing information with third party users to better coordinate timing of
shipments and eliminate invoice discrepancies resulting in less stress between customers and suppliers.

Perform inventory in a snap

Geoforce's Days on Location reports tie GIS data to the lat/long of a railcar to automatically produce an accurate gauge of the number of days an asset has been at a specific location, allowing you to perform inventory counts instantly and painlessly.

Calculate accurate arrival time

Utilize GIS data to calculate accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) for just-in-time rail operations.

Assets Tracked

Geoforce’s world class suite of GPS tracking devices can be utilized to track just about all types of rail equipment. With unparalleled reliability and ruggedness, our devices are built for the remote and sometimes rough conditions of the railroads. Geoforce guarantees your equipment will always be properly monitored.

Utilize for any rail asset:

  • Automotive Racks
  • Boxcars
  • Centerbeams
  • Covered Hoppers
  • Coil cars
  • Flatcars
  • Gondolas
  • Intermodal Equipment
  • Open Top Hoppers
  • Tank Cars

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