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Truck & Trailer (Large Equipment) Asset Tracking

Losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

If your operations rely on large equipment like trucks and trailers, then you know that effectively managing your vehicles and equipment is key to delivering top-notch customer service. 

GPS asset tracking solutions can give you the tools you need to exceed your customer’s expectations and make data-driven decisions for your operations – opening up opportunities for growth and innovation.

Trucks & Trailer

For transportation and logistics providers, rental companies, and other industries, real-time data and metrics for your trucks and trailers will help you make the most of your operations. Asset tracking solutions will arm your dispatchers and other team members with the tools they need to help your operations achieve greater efficiency, safety and utilization. 

Look for asset tracking solutions that display the data and information you need about all of your assets from a single platform. Paired with a smart asset tracking software platform, you can use asset tracking devices to leverage a comprehensive suite of tools that help your operations run smoother without the extra time and money that manual processes entail. 

Use asset tracking solutions to dispatch trucks and trailers with ease, verify billing, locate large equipment by custom GIS data, improve driver safety, manage maintenance tasks, pin-point opportunities for higher usage, coordinate equipment retrieval and more. Without a digital platform to monitor your trucks and trailers, your operations could miss opportunities for increased productivity or be affected by the potential for human error.

Other Large Equipment

Powered Equipment

Monitor utilization and reduce operational costs for your other large powered equipment like compressors, generators, pumps, light towers and more with GPS asset tracking solutions. Review run time, view idle assets, monitor unauthorized usage and more with asset tracking software that can be accessed from anywhere. 

Satellite tracking devices paired with web-based and mobile device tracking software are ideal for operations that have employees and equipment all over the globe. Asset tracking for large equipment can help you optimize your operations without the hassle – giving you control at your fingertips.

Non-Powered Equipment

From shipping containers, ISO containers to IBC tanks, fuel tanks, and other non-powered equipment, implementing asset tracking for your operations can give you the data and information you need, when you need it. 

Make sure that the GPS asset tracking devices you choose are catered to the needs of your operations. The most rugged devices provide world-wide functionality and versatility for use in all types of extreme conditions, including explosive environments, sub-zero temperatures, remote job sites and more. 

Geoforce Track and Trace 

Geoforce offers award-winning Track and Trace software and tracking devices for all of your large equipment tracking needs. Only Geoforce allows you to manage all your assets in a single system, including owned, rented or third party, equipment and vehicles. 

Take the first steps to implementing GPS asset tracking in your operations – Geoforce is here to help you make smart choices that meet all of your industry-specific needs.

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