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The GT-1 is officially available

Can you afford to lose visibility of this cargo’s location? For an hour? For a day? For a week? Of course, we all know the answer already: losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

After a year in the making, I am proud to announce the widespread commercial availability of our ground-breaking GT-1 asset tracking device, which got its official debut on Tuesday at Hart Energy’s DUG Canada Conference & Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta.

The GT-1 is a globally certified GPS device that can track field equipment in locations and conditions which previously had been too difficult for other devices to function. After years of understanding our customers’ needs, we purpose-built the GT-1 to be small, but rugged, hermetically-sealed and intrinsically safe to provide a durable product that is resistant to extreme temperatures, forces and chemicals.   By using a built-in accelerometer, shock, vibration and motion can also be detected. The revolutionary combination of RFID and GPS for location and identification, as well as the unique QR coding for mobile scanning of product information, elevates the GT-1 above previously available solutions.   It hasn’t been a total secret. Some of you have heard about the GT-1 or even see it on our website. The team has been shipping the product in a limited release to several major international service and rental companies beginning in Q4 of 2012.   What this product could do was so important; we felt we couldn’t release it cold. Countless hours have been spent making sure the GT-1 exceeded prior expectations in the oilfields. Our customers have been waiting a long time for a product like this. Geoforce is happy to finally say publicly that we have delivered the best solution on the market for the specific and unique needs present in the oil patch.