Compliance Manager

Identify equipment certification and maintenance issues proactively

  • Respond immediately to compliance alerts, armed with asset location
  • Share data with suppliers, reducing risk of out of compliance equipment
  • Email certification and compliance documents to operators and shippers
  • Audit equipment locations for inventory management
  • Create an audit trail that documents correct certification and maintenance
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Additional Features

At-a-glance compliance summary

Reduce flat-lining and downtime on projects while waiting for certified equipment.

Manage certification documents

Create an audit trail that documents correct certifications and maintenance completions to ensure liability protection related to non-compliant equipment when accidents occur.

Mandate monitoring systems

Require equipment suppliers to install location-based compliance monitoring systems to reduce downtime and lower liability risk.

Schedule your own reports

Receive alerts and notifications to act proactively before compliance issues take hold.

Eliminate logistical bottlenecking

Reduce missing or incomplete compliance paperwork by instantly finding and emailing certifications and compliance documents to docks and shippers.

Inventory Management

Perform audits of equipment locations at any time, enhancing SOX compliance and financial accountability, as well as asset utilization rates.

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