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PETRO Hire Improves Operational Efficiency and Reduces Administrative Costs with Asset Tracking

PETRO Hire, a division of National Tank Hire, supplies Self Bundled and Containerised Diesel Fuel Tanks, with or without pumping systems, for short and long-term hire across Australia.

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A significant proportion of PETRO Hire’s rental fleet is held on consignment, in more than 20 locations across Australia, and the administrative burden of manually maintaining full visibility to its diesel tanks and trailers was significant. Accuracy of equipment availability is key to quickly responding to hire opportunities, particularly in response to emergency services.


PETRO Hire selected Geoforce’s GT2c trackers to provide advanced monitoring of fuel tank and trailer location, movement and utilization. These tracking devices provide critical data on tank rental status, enabling PETRO Hire to monitor and maximize days on rent and fleet utilization.

Given the combination of long-term hires across such a broad geography, long battery life was critical, as the cost and effort associated with changing out units is significant. The solution also needed to be intrinsically safe to operate safely in explosive environments. Finally, it needed to act as a deterrent against theft.


Deploying advanced tracking technology has allowed PETRO Hire to significantly reduce administration for itself and its key customers. The solution has also improved reactivity to hire inquiries and reduced administrative burden for its both customers and partners.