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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world

Can you afford to lose visibility of this cargo’s location? For an hour? For a day? For a week? Of course, we all know the answer already: losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

Each year, 68 talented young teams face-off in the tournament of their lifetime. Dreams are shattered as top seeds fall and Cinderella stories are written from the 3 point line. It’s the “Big Dance” of basketball; it’s March Madness.

Brackets live or die in 40 minutes. The last 30 seconds define a season. While March Madness only last three weeks, oilfield operators live this chaotic “madness” every single day.  Service and rental companies most clearly understand the term “one and done.” If you don’t show up on time with the right piece of equipment, you can kiss today’s profits goodbye. If your equipment is out of compliance, well … that’s a foul on any field.

In honor of this weekend’s Final Four, we’ve compiled the top four ways Geoforce helps keep the “madness” out of the oilfield.

  1. LOCATE YOUR EQUIPMENT: Put me in coach!
    By tagging equipment like frac tanks, CCU’s, and generators with a Geoforce GPS tracking device, companies are able to locate their equipment wherever, whenever. When an operator needs to know where their equipment is, they can immediately locate it on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, enabling faster, fully informed operational decisions.
  2. MINIMIZE DOWNTIME AND LOST JOBS: Stay out of foul trouble.
    With Geoforce’s Compliance Manager, oilfield operators can quickly access the certification and maintenance status of all of their equipment. And because they also have the location of every piece, immediate action can be taken if necessary. By having hard evidence that all requirements have been met, they are able to quickly retrieve properly certified equipment and minimize the chance of losing out on a job or causing expensive downtime.
    When a service or rental company needs to pick up equipment, the driver is able to access its exact location and receive turn by turn directions via Geoforce’s mobile applications. By eliminating wild goose chases, companies are able to exceed customer expectations, avoid wasted trips, and not waste time traveling.
  4. VERIFY BILLING: Instant replay saves the day.
    With Geoforce Rental Manager, a rental company is able to have access to indisputable evidence of the exact days that their equipment was on a customer’s site and provide it in conjunction with invoices. Both parties can stay on the same page and billing disputes are eliminated.