Geoforce introduces safety-focused solution for electronic logging of HOS and DVIR

Geoforce understands the uniqueness of both oilfield operations and the need to be compliant with safety standards. In anticipation of the recent FMCSA mandate for electronic logging (requiring compliance by December 2017), Geoforce has adopted an Hours of Service (HOS) solution that provides the ability to log service hours for drivers via a smartphone or tablet. In addition, Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) logging for tractors and trailers is possible, as is the ability to send and receive messages.

As far as administration, Fleet Managers are able to set up their drivers with the oilfield transportation exemption rules for USA Property and Short Haul. The HOS and DVIR logs are stored in our web-based software application.  As such, Fleet Managers can easily manage the hours of all their drivers.

Maintenance Managers are able to sort through the DVIR data and promptly schedule maintenance for vehicles. In addition, Maintenance Managers can notify the driver via the smartphone or tablet application that the vehicle has been serviced and is thus back in service.

With over 500 customers involved in field operations in over 70 countries, Geoforce constantly receives direct feedback on what new offerings can help make field operations less chaotic. Our newly released safety-focused solution for electronic logging of HOS and DVIR is a perfect example of how that feedback can quickly benefit our customers.

To find out more about this new offering, read about our Advanced Vehicle Tracking solutions here, or contact Geoforce today!