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Geoforce in Big D: Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You

The daily hustle and bustle rings in my ears as 7 million people in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex rise and jockey to get to work. The sounds of airplanes overhead, gears shifting, and brakes squeaking become routine sights and sounds during my daily commute.

When others think of Dallas Fort Worth, they probably think of the Dallas Cowboys, J.R. Ewing, the Fort Worth Rodeo, and lots of really BIG things that give BIG D it’s name.

I, however, have had other thoughts. DFW is home to 22 Fortune 500 companies. So, as I’ve sat in traffic, I’ve often pondered, “How do all these Dallas companies function every day? How do they start and end their day? What is their cost to operate? How do they know when something is lost?”

The answer came to me a few years ago in the form of a company that removes the chaos of field operations and takes the worry out of the everyday question of “Where’s my stuff?”. I joined Geoforce in 2014 because our award winning software applications and outside the box GPS tracking device innovation are exactly what companies need. And meeting these needs has given us a stable, but rapidly growing presence in Dallas.

Interstate Batteries

To find this type of stability in the Lone Star State you start with players that have been there and done that. Companies like Interstate Batteries, which was recently honored by Frost & Sullivan as the overall best brand for automotive batteries in the United States. How does Interstate carry on their tradition of excellence? One way is by utilizing Geoforce’s advanced vehicle tracking solution, which is powered by Geotab, in order to meet and exceed the federal HOS / ELD mandate and keep drivers safe across the country. With their high standard of being “outrageously dependable”, it was obvious to Interstate that a partnership with Geoforce would allow them to service their customers at the highest levels and expand their business for years to come. (Download our Interstate Batteries case study here.)

American Airlines

Everywhere you look in DFW you see the logo of American Airlines, the world’s largest airline by fleet size, revenue and passengers carried. So how does a tech company like Geoforce help such a marquee name? Our rugged GTO Compact Asset Tracker, when paired with our Track and Trace software applications, was the ideal fit for American as they managed their need for inventory control of engine stands across the globe. This daily visibility is a huge value add for American as they now turn an operational nightmare into a much easier transaction, as Geoforce helps them locate and deliver the appropriate engine stand, and most importantly, get planes back in the air faster.

Southwest Airlines

When you think of a laid back approach to flying the name Southwest Airlines comes to mind with slogans like “You are now free to move about the country,” and “Grab your bag, it’s on.” But Southwest’s drive to excellence has it hurdles and challenges. Their vast need for tracking inventory and keeping up with changing and challenging compliance requirements was becoming too much for one person to handle. Enter Geoforce’s GTO Compact Asset Tracker and back end Compliance Manager software application. Our solutions were a perfect fit for Southwest, allowing them to find and distribute more reliable data amongst their organization and take the stress out of wondering where high value assets are today and where they will go tomorrow.

As we continue to engage the vast marketplace in Geoforce’s hometown and headquarters of Dallas Fort Worth, we feel confident that through our growing partnerships with customers like Interstate, American, and Southwest, we will continue to deliver the high quality customer service and products these various industries need and expect.

When you start thinking about your next asset tracking solution, think no further than Geoforce. We are big enough to serve you and small enough to know you!

Josh Mullins is Geoforce’s Regional Sales Manager covering North Texas and surrounding areas.