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Geofencing for Your Mixed Fleet

Set boundaries with geofencing to track your valuable equipment.

Geofence your valuable mixed fleet

From heavy duty trucks to excavator buckets, you can track (and geofence) all of your powered and non-powered fleet with Geoforce. Our rugged GPS trackers are built to last – up to 10 years – in the most remote and hazardous environments.

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What all can you track & geofence with Geoforce?

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Spools u0026 Reels

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Rail Cars

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Sand Traps

And more…

Install our durable, rugged Geoforce tracking devices on your assets.

Alan Parker GT1 Tracking Device Overview and Location Status

Once you establish your geofence, you’ll be notified if your assets move outside of your perimeter.

Geoforce Analytics Dashboard on Tab

Gather data on your equipment while leaving the worry of equipment loss or theft behind.

Geoforce Advanced Analytics

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There is no logistics company of our size today that can keep running without GPS. It’s part of the competitive advantage. Staying ahead in terms of technology adoption lets us compete with companies that are five times bigger than us. The market competition that we have is tough, but here we are. We’re growing and customers keep choosing us.

-Nazareno Tornese Operations Manager, McAsphalt
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