Facebook and Geoforce: Connecting the world, one person and one asset at a time

Geoforce’s Vince Hsieh, interviews fellow Duke business school alum, Facebook’s Lex Annison.

Earlier this week, Geoforce was honored to have Lex Annison, Facebook’s Head of Worldwide Sales and Support Operations, join us for an engaging, thought provoking, and extremely fun town hall meeting and luncheon.

In an interactive Q&A format, our entire team was riveted by Lex’s stories of the raw early days of Facebook, and his candid description of what it’s been like to be part of their tremendous growth and evolution over the last seven years.

Among the topics Lex covered were:

  • The overall mission of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, and why they do what they do;
  • The highs and lows of early startup life;
  • Facebook’s culture, and how they’ve maintained it through the years; and
  • The fun and challenges of global expansion.

Since these are all things we deal with daily at Geoforce, our team certainly could relate to and learn from the entire session. We all left inspired and ready to continue to do our part to build Geoforce. Facebook has built the world’s largest network of connected people. Geoforce has built the world’s largest network of connected oilfield assets. Given the parallels, we certainly hope to be able to follow in their illustrious footsteps one day.