Employee Spotlight - Becky Houseman - Geoforce

Employee Spotlight – Becky Houseman

Can you afford to lose visibility of this cargo’s location? For an hour? For a day? For a week? Of course, we all know the answer already: losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Becky Houseman, one of our Account Services Representatives located in our California office.

Read the Q and A below to learn more about her!

Q: What is your name and position?

A: My name is Becky Houseman, and I’m currently an Account Services Representative.

Q: How long have you been with Geoforce?

A: Just over three years this last February.

Q: Can you explain your job at Geoforce?

A: Well, as an Account Services Representative I work with our customers to make sure they’re trained and comfortable on the application. I conduct training calls, health checks, go visit customers – whatever is needed to get our customers on board and successful!

Q: What do your hobbies include?

A: When I’m at home I spend a lot of time reading and sewing. I live in California so I get to be outside a lot and enjoy our weather by the beach. But my favorite thing to do is travel – I try to collect a Christmas ornament from every place I travel to. My favorite so far has been Scotland.

Q: If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

A: This is hard, because I spend a lot of time watching super hero shows and movies! I’d have to say the ability to transport myself anywhere in the world instantly. It goes hand in hand with my love of travel.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Geoforce?

A: I love who I work with. I’ve never worked with a group of people before that care so much about the product they’re selling, or about the internal positive atmosphere of a company. From the moment I was hired I felt right at home, and I really enjoy flying out to Dallas to see everyone – we always have a blast!