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A New Season Means a Fresh Start

Can you afford to lose visibility of this cargo’s location? For an hour? For a day? For a week? Of course, we all know the answer already: losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

After a Memorial Day weekend filled with sunshine, family and hotdogs, it is certain that the summer season is upon us! As we move away from the cold of winter, we have the opportunity to look ahead and focus on new beginnings.

With the market trending positively for the past few weeks, companies are preparing themselves for a more stable oil price environment. We are a long way from where we were two years ago, but things are finally starting to look up.

With the outlook being slightly more positive, field service and equipment rental companies can expect business to increase. As referenced in my blog The Oilfield Off-Season the down turn was an opportunity to implement the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting remote, mission-critical field equipment to the cloud. By taking advantage of this opportunity to connect field equipment to the Internet via Geoforce’s rugged GPS tracking devices and our Track and Trace Software application, companies are able to know exactly where their assets are at all times. This improves response times, optimizes field operations, decreases billing disputes and lets companies know which assets are being utilized. To take it a step further, our Compliance Manager allows companies to keep track of their assets overall health by storing service reports and sending alerts when it is time to have an asset serviced.

We all hope this market stabilization continues into the summer months. In honor of this weekend’s kickoff of a new (summer) season, it’s time for something fresh! Start the summer off right by preparing for an uptick in business by implementing Geoforce to help save you valuable time and money.