Track and Trace for Field Assets

From the beginning, our company has designed and built both our web-based and mobile device software with field operations in mind. Thus, we deliver multiple industry-best Track and Trace solutions for all of your field equipment tracking needs. Only Geoforce allows you to manage all assets – owned, rented or third party, equipment or vehicles – in a single system. For oilfield operators, our oilfield specific GIS data, with over 30,000 lease blocks and 4,000,000 well sites, gives you the context to optimize field operations.

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Geoforce Track and Trace Software

Asset Classes Tracked

Non-Powered Equipment

Manage assets across your entire fleet with the click of a button. With hardware purpose-built for field operations, you can track and manage your non-powered equipment on almost every inch of the globe.

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Powered Equipment

Track and Trace for powered equipment brings answers to a unique set of challenges. High on the list is the ability to monitor engine run time, which improves maintenance and provides verification of service delivery.

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Track and Trace for vehicles features intuitive web-based software combined with rugged geolocation hardware. You know that your vehicles are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.

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Track and Trace Mobile Application

Mobile field operations demand mobile field tools and applications. As such, Geoforce is proud to offer mobile solutions that bring our award winning Track and Trace applications to the field. Download the free app on your smart device and put control at your fingertips today.

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