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Tracking 101: What Industries Can Utilize GPS Tracking?  

GPS tracking is changing the game for many industries due to its versatility and ability to optimize many facets of operations. Unlike what you might initially think, GPS tracking isn’t just for maps or location data but can optimize logistics, enhance safety, and more.    

There are a number of industries that can benefit from GPS tracking, so we’re breaking down just a few and how GPS trackers are utilized:   

Oil and Gas  

GPS tracking plays a crucial role in the oil and gas industry by providing accurate location data and improving operational efficiency, safety, and environmental management. From an efficiency standpoint, GPS helps companies monitor the location and status of valuable assets such as drilling rigs, vehicles, pipelines, and equipment, which allows for better asset allocation, reducing downtime, and optimizing resource utilization. Even within offshore drilling, GPS can monitor the location and status of floating platforms and vessels.   

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Our trackers are Zone 0 certified, meaning they can continuously (and safely!) operate within explosive environments. Zone 0 devices are designed to be safe, even in the presence of internal faults. This is imperative for those that operate in hazardous environments and want to track their equipment and other assets in order to be more efficient.  


GPS can help the aviation industry in a plethora of ways: asset tracking, helping ground support, predicting maintenance and diagnostics, and more. 

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Our GPS asset tracking technology is used to track engine stands for many major airlines. This helps alleviate downtime from lost engine stands, predicts maintenance, and manages equipment efficiently. Keeping flights on time and optimizing operations.  


GPS tracking is used in mining to monitor the movement of vehicles and equipment within large mining sites, improving safety and efficiency.   

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Many of our devices are ATEX/IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous environments, so our trackers will keep pinging the assets you need most, no matter the conditions.   

Construction and Heavy Equipment  

Construction companies use GPS tracking to monitor the location and usage of heavy equipment and machinery, ensuring they are used efficiently and not subject to theft.   

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Manage heavy construction equipment and attachments in a single application. Our devices can help reduce job site delays, keep track of your equipment, manage multiple job sites simultaneously, and take the guesswork out of field operations.  

Don’t see your industry listed, but curious about how you can benefit from GPS tracking? Contact us today and learn how our technology can help you make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.