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Tiger Rentank

Geoforce collaborates to reduce operational cycle and increase performance of equipment at Tiger Rentank Do Brasil

Tiger Rentank is a joint venture between two companies: the American “Tiger Offshore” and the Brazilian “Grupo Rentank”. The two together add up to more than 50 years of experience with operations worldwide. Operating in Brazil since 2008, Tiger Rentank has the main players in the Offshore market in its client portfolio.


reduce equipment downtime

comply with industry security requirements

integrate documents and information on a single platform

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Equipment Rental
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Equipment Rental Management,
Asset Utilization,
Operational Efficiency

Tiger Rentank do Brasil has the largest accredited portfolio of equipment for onshore and offshore logistics in Brazil. In addition to offering quality equipment, with complete focus on safety, the company continuously invests in excellence in the provision of special services, such as mixing and separating, storage, decontamination, leak tests, maintenance and remote technical assistance, providing a more complete experience for the customer and reducing total operating costs.

Tiger counts on four branches in Brazil, the main one in Macaé, and has strategic differentials, such as its own modern hoisting equipment, fully automated tank cleaning systems and integrated management systems based on the main national and international quality, safety and environmental protection standards.



With a diversified fleet of active equipment, Tiger Rentank was in need of a reliable solution to control the location and analysis of equipment life cycles, with the availability of real-time information. The company needed to assist its customers in managing the operational cycle of the tanks, from filling to return, with safety and reliability.

The challenges were to reduce the operational cycle and have greater control of the performance of each piece of equipment.



“Geoforce tracking systems have added value to Tiger Rentank’s equipment leasing, by allowing better fleet management, optimization of assets and enhanced customer experience. We have chosen Geoforce because, in addition to meeting our safety requirements, the company offers the best online fleet management system.

We received full support from the company in the implementation of the systems and devices. We performed initial tests and received training, but the great challenge was to determine the best placement of the device on the equipment, in order to achieve maximum performance, and update all compliance certificates in real time.

The Geoforce team really helped us and was always present. The entire installation process was quick and with no complications. We had a great surprise when we were able to integrate Geoforce’s information system with the safety and compliance certificates of each piece of equipment. Having everything in one single tool with easy access for reference and renewals was, without a doubt, an enormous gain.

Our goal is to track 100% of the fleet with Geoforce equipment, both for tanks and CCUs, making the most of our assets and ensuring greater satisfaction for our customers.”

Daiane Machado
Commercial Supervisor of Tiger Rentank do Brasil


Reducing Asset Loss, Reducing the Operating Cycle and Increasing Equipment
Availability – Goal successfully achieved!