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Intertank improves client satisfaction through 10% improvement in fleet sizing and enhanced business intelligence with Geoforce

Intertank began operations in 1981 by renting ISO tank containers to international commerce businesses in Brazil, with a focus in chemical products. After a rapid consolidation of services and growth in their domestic business, they later began fabricating intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) and other portable tanks. The company is dedicated to creating new products and offering new services to attend to the ever evolving needs of their large and diverse client base. Currently, they operate one factory and three service centers that are strategically located near the main centers of chemical product consumption in Brazil.

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As Brazil’s market leader in tank rentals, Intertank was faced with an increasing need to track the location of their tanks to improve operational efficiency, asset utilization, strategic planning and, ultimately, client satisfaction. Initially, Intertank tried RFID, GSM and other similar device technologies that were not truly practical in the highly dangerous, Zone 0 Oil & Gas environments where the overwhelming majority of their clients operated. The explosive environment where the tracking devices would be placed required a safer, more ruggedized, satellite asset tracker than what was available. 

Demands from clients also became a factor. In order to adhere to stringent safety requirements specified in a mandate from Brazil’s largest petroleum operator, Petrobras, an IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 certified tracking device was an absolute must. With thousands of assets dispersed all over the field, Intertank needed to have a reliable tracking solution to meet Petrobras’ requirements and improve their complex operations.


To meet the needs outlined above, Intertank chose Geoforce’s GT1 Global Asset Tracker. Coupled with Geoforce’s software application, this solution provided them with everything they were searching for and more. By equipping their valuable tanks with the world’s most rugged IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 certified satellite tracking device, they met and even exceeded the needs of Petrobras and many other clients.

With Geoforce’s software, Intertank was able to leverage many operational and oil & gas focused tools in a  user-friendly web-based application. Among many things, the software provided them asset location technology used to improve productivity for clients while also providing enhanced inventory control. This has given Intertank an even greater competitive advantage in their market. “We trust the data supplied by Geoforce and have seen 98% accuracy for our entire fleet,” said Paulo Bueno, Operations Manager at Intertank.


The successful implementation of the Geoforce solution to manage over 2,000 tanks has further positioned Intertank as a technology and safety leader and one of the best in their industry. In the first year since implementation, they are experiencing over $25,000 in gains from theft/loss prevention in their most popular tank models. 

Paulo noted, “Our clients have seen immediate results by reducing over 10% of their fleet requirements. They can now handle larger amounts of chemicals with a smaller number of tanks. And by providing them the ability to properly manage their fleet through Geoforce, we have significantly increased client loyalty and satisfaction.”

As a result, Intertank is looking to expand their relationship with Geoforce and begin tracking other tank models to continue to reap the benefits they have seen from the initial implementation. 

“The Geoforce technology enabled us to apply our business intelligence to the data provided by Geoforce. We develop our own reports that help our clients with the calculations of cycles, identifying where and how long assets are in transit. This allows the recovery of rental costs from their final customers, which translates into real savings that were not possible without this technology,” said Reynaldo Guimaraes, Intertank’s Fleet Manager.