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The Importance of GPS Asset Tracking During Wildfire Season

Wildfire season may be taking a hiatus but that doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t be as prepared as possible for its return.

These disasters can wreak havoc anywhere they go and have four direct impacts: 

Property: Even if there isn’t a physical structure on the property, job sites for forestry or construction can be disrupted if they are in the path of the wildfir

Equipment: All equipment left behind will be at risk. You need to know what assets are where to protect or evacuate them before damage or loss occurs. 

Assets: Certain industries, such as agriculture, ranching, real estate, and forestry, may have their key assets threatened by wildfires.

People: Most people live within a certain proximity of their job, so if they live in an area in the direct path of the fire, you might temporarily lose part of your workforce due to evacuation or displacement. 

So how can GPS tracking help you in a disaster like a wildfire and protect points of impact? While you can’t prevent a wildfire from happening, GPS asset tracking can be beneficial in these situations, as it enables businesses and organizations to locate and track their assets in near real-time, even in remote areas. Knowing where your assets are at any job site means you can protect your equipment by evacuating it to a safer area. It also means you can best prepare your assets so damage is as mitigated as possible. 

GPS asset tracking can also help first responders to coordinate their efforts more effectively, as they can see the location of assets and resources in real-time. In addition, it can reduce response times by giving personnel the ability to quickly identify the closest available resources. Tracking can also be used to manage workers’ safety by providing visibility into their whereabouts.

Real-time asset tracking can also be used to monitor the progress of wildfire response operations. By providing detailed information on the location of resources, personnel can quickly identify areas that require additional resources (equipment or people). This can help to ensure that response operations are conducted in an efficient and effective manner.

Overall, GPS asset tracking is a critical tool in managing wildfires. It enables businesses and organizations to quickly locate and track their assets, protect their resources, and support first responders in managing wildfires more effectively.