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What is the Range of a GPS Tracker?

Learn how GPS Trackers work and how far they can locate assets!

Thanks to advancements in technology, businesses from all over the world are able to employ the more excellent asset tracking capabilities of GPS devices to gather more insight into their business operations and streamline their processes.

On a smaller scale, information gathered from GPS devices can be used to:

On a global scale, businesses can employ GPS devices to secure cargo, determine the most efficient transport routes, and improve logistic efficiency.

GPS tracking devices have a variety of applications across numerous industries and are limited only by their range. To explore these applications, this blog will answer the following questions:

  • How far can a tracking device work?
  • What is the range of a GPS tracker?

How Far Can a Tracking Device Work?

GPS trackers are commonly used across industries to keep track of their fleet and manage their assets more efficiently, among other applications – and the accuracy of the information it provides is affected by certain conditions.

The basic principle behind this technology is that it communicates with at least four different satellites at any given time using the frequency of radio signals to acquire time and location data on a device. Then, both pieces of information are used to compute the accurate location of the said asset.

Communication between the GPS device and satellites occurs in real-time, which means it is dependent on line-of-sight. Typically, the information provided by GPS trackers is accurate to within three meters. However, any obstruction on the line of sight between the device and the sky can affect the accuracy of the location data it transmits, such as tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, or dense forests.

Other factors can also affect the accuracy of transmitted data, including the quality of the hardware integrated into the device and the software used for tracking assets. It helps to use the best asset tracking device on the market, such as the GT1 Global Asset Tracker and paired with powerful software like Geoforce’s Track & Trace Online Application for Non-Powered Equipment.

What is the Range of a GPS Tracker?

The range of GPS tracking devices depends on the type of device used. For instance, Bluetooth-based trackers are limited by the range of Bluetooth technology and can only track objects within a maximum distance of 200 ft.

Cellular-based trackers, such as those used for tracking powered and vehicular assets, are equipped with domestic SIM cards, extending their maximum range to the entire United States. These tracking devices are capable of transmitting location data as long as cellular coverage is present. However, their distance from the cellular sites will affect the accuracy of the data given.

Satellite-based GPS trackers offer the most range among all device types. Since they communicate directly with satellites orbiting space, they are not limited by cellular coverage or proximity to the transmitting device. Potentially, GPS tracking devices have limitless range and are capable of transmitting location data from nearly every corner of the globe. Although conditions that affect line-of-sight may cause some interference, these are only temporary hiccups and do not impact the range of the device.

What is the Longest Range GPS tracker?

As mentioned above, satellite-based GPS trackers have the longest range among all device types as they are capable of transmitting location information from all over the world. Because of their global tracking capabilities, satellite-based trackers like the Geoforce GT2s have applications in mining, construction, agriculture, and logistics.

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Advancements in technology have made it possible to develop reliable and accurate tracking capabilities, enabling businesses to keep track of their assets and providing them with even more peace of mind.

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