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GPS Dumpster Tracking

Know where your dumpsters and bins are at anytime, from anywhere with Geoforce's rugged GPS asset trackers.

Trackers that are designed so that you never lose visibility

When it comes to dumpsters and containers, our trackers are built for the most extreme and remote environments. With our satellite, cellular, and hybrid options, you won’t have to stress about not knowing where your dumpsters are.

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Maintain Dumpster Visibility

Remotely monitor your dumpsters or similar equipment with Geoforce’s GPS tracking solutions to ensure swift retrieval from misplacement or theft.

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Alerts & Geofencing

Be the first to know with near real-time alerts by utilizing geofencing so you can stay up-to-date on where your dumpsters and bins are located.

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Eliminate Idle Time

Using Geoforce’s service verification module, you can confirm location of your equipment and delivery of services while optimizing utilization.

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We used to log the location of our bins in an Excel sheet, keep paperwork orders on file and physically drive to the site to verify the location. It took hours and even days to track these assets. Now, we achieve the same result with a report that takes five minutes to generate.

-Curtis Fox Ponder Environmental Area Manager
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