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Certifications Part II: Compliance-Based Certifications and Why They Matter 

Certifications for compliance are crucial for maintaining legal compliance, mitigating risks, building trust with customers, gaining a competitive advantage, and promoting continuous improvement. They demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices, regulatory compliance, and the protection of customers’ interests, which are vital in today’s highly regulated business environment. Requirements for these customer-based certifications vary based on your industry and can range in what is required.  

Here are a few examples of what those certifications are and how they show up: 

ELD Certification:  

ELD Provider Certification: Some ELD providers offer certifications or compliance programs for their customers. These programs ensure that the ELD solution meets regulatory requirements and standards. 

 ELD User Training Certification: Users can seek certifications for their drivers or fleet managers after completing training programs on ELD usage, compliance, and best practices. These certifications demonstrate their proficiency in using ELD systems effectively. 

The Geoforce Solution 

Geoforce set a high bar for its Advanced Fleet Management solution. 

Tracking hardware must be compact, rugged, and simple to install while acquiring advanced vehicle data quickly. So that’s exactly what Geoforce created.  

The GO9 Advanced Vehicle Tracker offers: 

  • Plug and play installation—no professional installation required – as well as multiple options for “hidden” installation 
  • ELD for Hours of Service (HOS) and Daily Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) 
  • Driver behavior monitoring 
  • Robust engine data reporting
  • LTE Connectivity  

Maintenance Certification:  

Vehicle Maintenance Training Certification: Customers can attend training programs or courses related to vehicle maintenance. These certifications validate their knowledge and skills in maintaining vehicles, including routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting. 

Manufacturer-Specific Maintenance Certification: Certain vehicle manufacturers offer certifications for customers who complete their maintenance training programs. These certifications demonstrate expertise in maintaining specific vehicle models and can be valuable for fleet operators. 

The Geoforce Solution 

Take the guesswork out of routine maintenance repairs and stop relying on spreadsheets to try to track when that maintenance is due.  

When you utilize any of our tracking devices, our software can help you: 

  • Verify billing with Days on Site reports 
  • Locate by rig, well, or custom GIS data 
  • Manage maintenance and inspection tasks for all equipment 
  • Increase revenue through higher usage 
  • Monitor utilization across your fleet 

Paperwork and Compliance Certification:  

Compliance Management Certification: Customers can seek certifications or training in compliance management, which includes understanding regulations, record-keeping, and proper documentation practices. These certifications ensure they are well-versed in compliance requirements specific to their industry. 

Document Management Certification: Customers can pursue certifications or training programs focused on effective document management, including organizing, maintaining, and securing paperwork related to vehicle registration, insurance, licensing, permits, and other necessary documents. 

Why it matters 

These certifications contribute to compliance, customer satisfaction, professionalism, and business growth. They provide tangible evidence of expertise, competence, and commitment to excellence, making them essential in many industries. Geoforce technology can help you stay in compliance and increase your company’s internal efficiency.  Get a quote today to get started.