Integrated Video Telematics BUNDLE - Geoforce

Integrated Video Telematics BUNDLE

Proactively manage your risk with near real-time alerting and monitoring with customizable workflows.

Leverage AI to Boost Team Safety & Efficiency

Fleet monitoring just got a lot smarter and efficient. Incorporating video into your fleet tracking strategy can help improve driver safety, increase efficiency, and streamline operations.

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AI Behavior Monitoring

Maintain full visibility with our AI-enhanced driver behavior monitoring solution.

Proactive Risk Detection

Proactively identify risk and setup near teal-time alerts so you’re always in the know.

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Event Based Recording

Get trip-level and event-based video capture along with the ability to livestream.

Install our durable, rugged Geoforce tracking devices on your assets.

Alan Parker GT1 Tracking Device Overview and Location Status

Gather GPS location, engine runtime, and more data into the Geoforce Platform.

Geoforce Analytics Dashboard on Tab

Use results of your aggregated data to make informed business decisions and increase the efficiency of your field operations.

Geoforce Advanced Analytics

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Cellular devices that can cover that big of an area were almost impossible to find. We tried many, many different units and different companies, and they all said they’d work but none of them did. When I started looking into Geotab, I never anticipated the ease that I could be able to capture this information – pulling right off the telematics devices.

-Rodney Raber American Colloid Mining Superintendent
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