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American Colloid improves mine production, operational logistics, and equipment maintenance

American Colloid Company is one of the world’s leading producers of bentonite clay. Bentonite’s unique chemical structure gives it a diverse range of capabilities, enabling it to act as a thickener, sealant, binder, lubricant or absorption agent. The company’s principle markets include metalcasting, pet products, oil and gas well drilling, industrial specialties and agriculture. With mining operations throughout North America and a sister subsidiary with mining operations throughout the world, American Colloid’s trademark Additrol line is an industry standard in the metalcasting industry.

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On any given day American Colloid may have 7 to 12 active locations within 60 miles of each other. For operational efficiency, they must have asset visibility to track equipment cycle times, run times, idle time and movement. Additionally, American Colloid needed to track a fleet of heavy and light-duty service trucks that travel over highways and mines haul-road to do fueling, oil changes and repairs. During the winter months, portable generators are used to keep earth scrapers and dozer engines warm. Monitoring these generators for preventative maintenance and other parameters is just one more advantage American Colloid gained using Geoforce.

After researching and evaluating various GPS-based asset management solutions, Rodney Raber, American Colloid’s Mining Superintendent, chose Geoforce for its end to end solutions that include purpose-built, rugged GPS tracking devices, industry-focused software applications, and world-class customer support and service.

American Colloid employs Geoforce solutions to improve operational logistics, mine production and equipment maintenance by tracking geo-positions, engine runtime and location for their powered mining equipment and vehicles, both on and off mine sites.