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Using Track and Trace to Solve 5 Key Challenges

Can you afford to lose visibility of this cargo’s location? For an hour? For a day? For a week? Of course, we all know the answer already: losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…


Across all industries, field operators and fleet managers suffer from five major challenges/pain points that cause them to operate at less than optimal efficiency and waste time resulting in low productivity.

These are:

Challenge 1: Inability to locate assets resulting in poor utilization

Challenge 2: Lack of service verification creating billing disputes

Challenge 3: Non-operational idling time and maintenance issues

Challenge 4: Siloed information leading to delayed response times

Challenge 5: Inability to track productivity resulting in missed targets


The challenges in field operations stem from a lack of visibility into assets and processes. Track and trace technology addresses just that, helping field operations get a better picture of their processes.

Deploying track and trace technology provides much-needed visibility, but the differentiator is a way to turn that stream of data into operational intelligence via asset tracking software. Companies with field operations have adopted track and trace technology to solve these five major challenges by learning how to:

  • Accurately measure productivity by automating data collection and reporting
  • Optimize inefficient processes to realize cost savings
  • Speed up response times to deliver greater customer satisfaction and win more jobs

Components of a track and trace solution:

  • Tracking devices – purpose-built hardware that are installed on assets to gather data (GT0, GT1, GT2)
  • Transmission technology – satellite (Iridium and Globalstar) and cellular (5G, LTE, etc.) technology that transmits data from even remote locations to data centers, which then feeds software platforms
  • Track and Trace platform – software that analyzes data and presents it in the form of visuals and reports


Here are a few case studies we have conducted to show how the Geoforce solutions have helped customers.

Challenge 1: Ponder Environmental Case Study

Ponder Environmental uses GPS equipment tracking to track and coordinate over 50 assets

Challenge 2: Enviro Vat Case Study

Enviro Vat uses service verification to lower disputed invoices by over 97%

Challenge 3: Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure Case Study

Solaris company uses telematics to save up to $70,000 per year on fuel and maintenance costs

Challenge 4: Ponder Environmental Case Study

Ponder uses track and trace platform to reduce invoice processing time by 99%

Challenge 5: American Colloid Company

American Colloid uses fleet tracking solutions to help employees hit productivity targets

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