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Use Data to Your Advantage for Your Construction Team

Can you afford to lose visibility of this cargo’s location? For an hour? For a day? For a week? Of course, we all know the answer already: losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…


The strategic use of data is transforming all industries, and construction is no exception. With data you gain from Geoforce GPS equipment tracking devices, you can save time and money through increased efficiency and transparency.

Track Your Hours of Use

GPS construction equipment tracking makes it easy to collect and synthesize data. By tracking hours accurately and taking note of electronic log data, you can stay ahead of maintenance tasks and save money. 


How much time do you spend deciphering which of your assets need maintenance and when? With Geoforce’s asset tracking hardware devices and asset management software, you can track asset usage and schedule maintenance accordingly. Set up maintenance reminders to take the task off your plate—Geoforce will handle it instead. 

Save Money

Data tracking can save you money by monitoring your assets. With the Geoforce track and trace system, you can track idle assets to see where you could be getting more from your fleet. In addition, you can watch for unauthorized and off-hour use in order to charge customers accordingly. And with data to back up your invoices, you’ll receive fewer disputes in return.

Automated alerts make noticing abnormalities in use hassle free. Want to receive a text message every time an asset moves out of its authorized range? An email if a piece of equipment is moved after hours? Geoforce’s track and trace system will help you do just that.

Monthly Usage Reports

Use Geoforce’s monthly usage reports to increase revenue through higher usage. Set up geofenced areas, then run utilization reports to make sure your assets are generating revenue. 

When you have a close eye on the usage level of every asset, you can take on additional jobs to reduce downtime.

Use Data to Track the Average Time of Task

Understanding the average amount of time a machine is in use for a certain task can completely revolutionize the way you schedule. Geoforce track and trace technology keeps track of this information.

Using this data strategically, you can accurately predict how long a machine will be needed for a certain task. With the confidence in your data to back it up, you can adjust scheduling periods accordingly for quicker turnaround and fewer idle or unrented machines. 

Schedule Equipment Use Ahead of Time

Do you know exactly where your equipment is at all times? Do you know when it is in use and not in use? Geoforce’s track and trace system makes it easy to access this information at a glance. 

With this location and usage data, you can schedule equipment use ahead of time for maximum efficiency. No more last minute scheduling surprises. Instead, you can look ahead weeks or even months in advance to make sure every asset is accounted for. Plus, return client inquiries more quickly and confidently when usage is scheduled in advance. 

Geoforce Track & Trace

Get the data you need with Geoforce’s track and trace system for field assets. Used in conjunction with rugged GPS trackers for heavy equipment, track and trace allows you to take complete control of your operations with reliable data. 

Geoforce web-based and mobile device software is designed with field operations in mind. Only Geoforce allows you to manage all your assets in a single system. View all of your owned, rented, and third-party equipment or vehicles from one central database.

Learn more about Geoforce’s Track and Trace system.