Vehicles and equipment in one view

In field operations, vehicles and field equipment are tightly linked. Geoforce’s Track and Trace software combines vehicles with other types of equipment in a single view. Dispatchers can use vehicle Geoforce’s GPS tracking devices and software to locate nearby vehicles with the added context of equipment location. They will also be able to view things like pad site or well site location, to more efficiently manage all assets and operations in a single system.

Locate drivers and vehicles

  • Verify billing with customizable trip reports
  • Increase revenue through application gathered operational intelligence
  • Improve safety with driver safety reports
  • Dispatch easily with intuitive “find nearest truck” feature
  • Track vehicle run time and stops
  • Verify service delivery
  • Manage vehicles and equipment within a single platform

Industry-leading hardware

  • Easy to install and expandable features
  • Rugged, compact and flexible telemetry
  • High sensitivity GPS
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Built to U.S. military standards for shock and vibration
  • Satellite and cellular solutions ensure assets can be located in remote areas

Tracked assets

  • Field Trucks
  • Water Trucks
  • Winch Trucks
  • Pole Trucks
  • Tractors


Level-up your semi-truck operations with Track and Trace software and advanced GPS trackers for semi trucks and other powered equipment from Geoforce. Our solutions enable you to not only track the movement of your semi-truck fleet with accuracy, they also help you increase efficiency, reduce downtime and ultimately increase revenue. Smart features like “find nearest truck” and service delivery verifications are just a couple of the ways that modern trucking operations benefit from Geoforce Track and Trace software.

Commercial Vehicles

Track your commercial vehicles with our high-sensitivity GPS trackers for commercial vehicles and get real-time data that lets you make smart and informed decisions. Geoforce’s Track and Trace software is the streamlined solution for operations that could benefit from a complete picture of their commercial vehicles and other equipment. From easy dispatching to improving safety with driver safety reports, verifying billing and more, Geoforce Track and Trace software gives you the ability to choose only the features you want – and none of the features that won’t benefit your dispatchers and other key players.

Advanced Vehicle Tracking

With Advanced Vehicle Tracking, you can help ensure safety through transparency. Receive alerts of fast acceleration, hard cornered and harsh braking. Manage driver scorecards, generate reports of incident graphs, actions items and more. Learn more about this specialized application.

Tracking Devices to Use with Track and Trace for Vehicles

Designed to be paired with our Track and Trace software for vehicles, GO is a complete redesign of Geoforce’s leading vehicle tracking device. GO is designed for easy installation with revolutionary features and advanced data capture capabilities. Compatible with hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and highway trucks, this GPS vehicle tracking device provides valuable driver and vehicle information to make sure you’re getting the most out of your operations while prioritizing safety.

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