Advanced Driver Scorecard


Proactively identify risk areas, reduce liability and promote a positive culture of driver safety with Geoforce’s unique Advanced Driver Scorecard. Unlike many other scorecard reports, this comprehensive risk management tool is designed to provide both supervisors and individuals with detailed performance data that offers a clear view into driver performance and safety, allowing managers to measure what matters while incentivizing operators to perform at their best.

As opposed to focusing on specific incidents, our scorecard measurement and reporting methodology details the leading indicators of driver behavior trended over time, offering an informed big-picture view of driver safety and overall risk.


  • Provide drivers weekly automatic reports delivered straight to their inbox
  • Reward good behavior while identifying key risk areas such as braking, hard acceleration and speeding
  • Empower drivers with personalized information they need to self-correct improve specific areas of performance on their own
  • Leverage individual, group and organization-wide reporting to improve driver safety across all levels of the organization

The Scorecard is also available as one of our Analytics dashboards within our Track and Trace platform, which gives customers one-click access to key performance data that supports proactive safety monitoring, issue management and driver behavior improvement.

As a additional module within our Track and Trace asset intelligence platform, Driver Safety Scorecard provides:

  • Proactive safety management and driver performance insights for virtually any vehicle fleet.
  • A critical tool for reducing risk, maintaining compliance and controlling costs related to liability, insurance premiums and lost time due to accidents.

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