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Prevent Equipment Theft & Loss with GPS Tracking

Trust your high-value equipment to the most advanced GPS tracking technology.

How to Prevent Equipment Theft & Loss

Geoforce’s GPS trackers have been specifically designed, built, and tested to thrive in the most extreme and remote environments. Pairing our already-rugged GPS trackers with a stainless steel bezel, you can added another proven layer to your equipment theft and loss prevention approach.

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Stainless Steel Bezels

Pairing our GPS trackers with stainless steel bezels, our customers have multiple methods for hardened mounting.

Alerts & Geofencing

Be the first to know with near real-time alerts by utilizing geofencing so you can stay up-to-date on where your valuable equipment is located.

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Up to 10 Year Battery Life

Depending on your ping frequency, some of our trackers can last over 10 years.

Install our durable, rugged Geoforce tracking devices on your assets.

Alan Parker GT1 Tracking Device Overview and Location Status

Using our software, you can establish alerts and geofence your worksites.

Geoforce Analytics Dashboard on Tab

Use results of your aggregated data to make informed business decisions and increase the efficiency of your field operations.

Geoforce Advanced Analytics

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We looked and looked for a solution for our non-powered heavy equipment attachments and could not be happier. We have put these on large wheel loader and excavator buckets, shears, grapples, breakers and more. The devices are durable and reliable. Sales and customer service are hands-down first-class.

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