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You Just Lost a Piece of Rugged Equipment. Now What?

How to quickly locate lost assets that your customers are waiting for.

You hear back from a customer about the dumpster that should’ve arrived at their jobsite yesterday. The equipment is nowhere to be found and it’s up to you to resolve the issue.

The longer it takes you to find a solution, the longer your customer and their crew wait for their borrowed equipment.

This hiccup interrupts your workflow, heightens your stress levels, and demands your full attention immediately.

Whether you work in construction, oil and gas or any other rugged industry, you know just how cumbersome misplaced equipment can be.

You may already know what to do if you lose track of your assets, but there’s more you can do to expedite the process. It involves using technology to gain more visibility into your equipment’s’ whereabouts and speed up retrieval. Consider the differences in you approach with and without this technology.

Finding lost equipment without a tracking system:

  • Contact Your Customer – While you search for your dumpster on the backend, you understand the importance of contacting your customer as soon as possible to apologize for the delay, take full ownership of the issue, and set realistic expectations for a resolution.
  • Scramble to Find a Back Up – You know to check your inventory for backup equipment that may meet your customer’s needs while you locate the assets that should have been delivered to them.
  • Divert Alternative Equipment – If you can’t find backups in your inventory, you usually contact a member of your field team to ask if they happen to have similar equipment available at another site.

Finding Lost Equipment With a Tracking System:

  • Track and Recover Your Assets – Here’s where the right technology can shorten usual troubleshooting workflow. With a synergistic hardware and software solution, you can log in to your asset management software platform and use the installed GPS tracker to locate the missing equipment. After that, alert your team to retrieve and deliver it as soon as possible. Use integrated solutions to make finding your equipment straightforward fast and efficient.

The Importance of Asset Tracking & Recovery

Ensuing asset tracking and recovery in a timely, efficient manner comes down to having the right combination of rugged hardware and feature-rich software.

Geoforce’s hardware solutions are only the tip of the asset-tracking iceberg. Our software platform pairs seamlessly with our devices to help you manage all your assets – owned, rented or third-party equipment or vehicles – in a single system. Our mobile solutions even let you bring our award-winning Track and Trace application to the field.

Our technology’s asset utilization monitoring capabilities significantly impact your bottom line by helping you get the most use of your assets. Having insight into when your equipment is in use versus when it sits idle could be the difference between increasing your revenue by renting it out or letting it collect dust.

Start Keeping tabs on your equipment

Asset loss happens to every business, but it’s how you handle the issue that matters.

With Geoforce’s hardware and software solutions, you can make asset location and retrieval and delivery as swift as possible, keeping your customers happy and your bottom line healthy. Get a quote today.