Geoforce Announces Agreement with Major Government Contractors for GT2s Field Testing

New dual-powered asset tracking device on the Iridium Satellite Network leverages 20 years of IoT manufacturing leadership and rugged-environment innovation. Click here for full press release.


Improve operational performance, utilization and asset recovery

Keeping track of government assets is important for operational success in managing in environments that are both fast and slow-moving, and ever changing and never-changing. For many operational reasons, including tactical readiness, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and operational responsiveness, government agencies need to know where their assets are and how they are operating. Geoforce’s GPS tracking solutions are ideal for supporting government logistical operations. Request a demo to see how our tracking solutions can help your agency manage its assets and improve what you do.

Benefits for Government and Defense Users

Real In-Transit Visibility

Geoforce’s trackers are all long-life and/or solar-regenerating battery-powered devices that perform reliably on global satellite and cellular networks. Data is available through integration with government servers, as a feed, and through Geoforce’s Track & Trace software application that manages devices and seamlessly integrates the sat-cell dual-network devices.

Reliability in the Harshest Conditions

Geoforce’s GPS trackers are made to last, and with over 100,000 deployed, have proven to be the most rugged wireless long life, battery-powered tracking devices, of any kind, ever produced.

Situational Awareness in Fluid Operations

Geoforce devices let you manage settings to achieve the level of operational oversight you require so you can follow the near real-time operational movement of your assets when things get busy and stuff starts moving. Whether your need is every-5-minute position reports during a live response, or just to know every week that your container hasn’t moved…Geoforce makes it happen for you.

Global Visibility for Worldwide operations & Supply Chain

Geoforce’s specialization in dispersed asset and inventory management is supported by Geoforce’s portfolio of rugged, battery powered trackers. Whether operating on satellite or cellular networks, our trackers are designed to support your global operational needs with little to no maintenance.  Whether leveraging Iridium’s 100% fully global network, Globalstar’s near-global bent-pipe gateway access, or dual-network devices for increased access, Geoforce gives you visibility that enables you to streamline your deployment anywhere in the world.

Solutions for Many Agencies, with Shared Data Access

The US Government is the largest and most diverse user of GPS tracking devices in the world because of the diversity of assets and the multitude of operational benefits gained, from general logistics and transport, tactical response, inventory management, situational awareness, recovery operations, to many more. Agencies and support contractors can benefit from the use of low-cost, high performance GPS trackers that feed data into secure and internal government software platforms, giving agencies access to shared GPS, movement, and monitoring data.

Assets Tracked

Geoforce’s world class and world-leading suite of GPS tracking devices can be utilized to track just about any type of large government or DoD asset. Any asset that’s mobile, or attaches to the logistics and transportation management supply chain, can benefit from GPS monitoring. With unparalleled reliability and ruggedness, our devices are built for the remote, chaotic, unpredictable and often rough conditions encountered by government operators moving goods around the world. So you can have confidence that you will always know where your assets are when you need to know.

Utilize for any government transportation asset:

  • Shipping Containers
  • Trailer Chassis
  • Reefer Trailers
  • Storage Containers
  • Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Tankers
  • Trucks
  • Disaster Response Equipment
  • Many Others

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