The Strategic Benefit of Tracking Rental Equipment - Geoforce

The Strategic Benefit of Tracking Rental Equipment with Geoforce 

Read how you can gain unparalleled access to your rental operations with rugged GPS tracking.

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic industrial landscape, the efficient management of rental equipment is more crucial than ever. Whether it’s the rough terrains of oil and gas explorations, the challenging environments of marine construction, the ever-present demands of railroad maintenance, or the expansive scope of mining, every sector demands reliability and efficiency. This is where Geoforce steps in, revolutionizing equipment management with its GPS tracking solutions. 

Unparalleled Tracking Capabilities for Diverse Equipment

At the heart of Geoforce’s prowess is its ability to seamlessly track a wide array of assets. From non-powered equipment like attachments and containers, to heavy machinery and vehicles, our GPS tracking solution integrates all under one software platform. This is not just a logistical convenience; it represents a leap in operational efficiency. By offering a unified view of all your rental assets, Geoforce eliminates the complexities and redundancies of managing multiple tracking systems. 

Satellite solutions and ruggedness for harsh environments

Understanding the demanding nature of industrial applications, Geoforce’s tracking technology is engineered for ruggedness. Our satellite solutions, such as the GT1, ensure that even in the most remote or challenging environments, your equipment remains within your radar. This is particularly critical for industries like oil and gas services, mining, and marine construction, where equipment is often deployed in remote areas with harsh conditions.

Enhanced Asset Utilization and Maintenance Monitoring

One of the strategic benefits of using Geoforce’s tracking solutions is the enhanced visibility into asset utilization and maintenance. Our intuitive dashboards provide up-to-date data on how your equipment is being used, helping you make informed decisions about asset deployment and inventory management. This not only optimizes the use of your equipment but also aids in preventative maintenance, ensuring that your assets are always in top condition, thereby reducing downtime and extending their lifespan. 

Rental Status Monitoring for Better Fleet Management

For rental companies, keeping track of the rental status of each piece of equipment is vital. Geoforce’s platform offers detailed insights into which assets are rented out, which are available, and the duration of each rental period. This level of detail empowers rental companies to manage their fleets more effectively, improving availability and customer satisfaction. 

Share-to Reports for Enhanced Customer Transparency

Geoforce goes a step further in customer service by offering share-to reports. These reports allow rental companies to provide their customers with visibility into the tracking ecosystem of the rented assets. This feature not only enhances trust and transparency between the rental company and its customers but also allows clients to plan and manage their projects more efficiently with real-time data.

Rugged GPS Solutions

The strategic benefits of using Geoforce for tracking rental equipment are plenty. From rugged environments to diverse fleet management needs, Geoforce’s offers solutions to meet a variety of needs and applications under a single software umbrella. By embracing this technology, equipment rental companies in industries like oil and gas, marine construction, railroad maintenance, and mining can expect not just to meet but exceed their operational and customer service expectations. Learn more about how Geoforce can track your fleet by starting your quote.