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Benefits of GPS Tracking for Spools & Reels

Learn about the main use cases and value derived from GPS tracking for spools and reels.

Tracking spools and reels with GPS can provide many benefits for businesses that use them, particularly in the areas of loss prevention and billing verification

Preventing Loss & Theft with Location Tracking

One of the main benefits of using GPS to track spools and reels is that location data can help to prevent loss. Spools and reels are often used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics, where they can be easily misplaced or stolen. By attaching GPS tracking devices to these items, businesses can quickly and easily locate them if they go missing. This can save time and money, while preventing disruptions to daily operations. 

Billing Verification with GPS

Using GPS to track spools and reels can also help with billing verification. When spools and reels are used in the field, it can be difficult to accurately track how much of a particular material was used. This can lead to discrepancies in billing, which can be costly for both the business and the customer. By using location data, businesses can more accurately measure the usage of materials, days on site, and retrieval times to avoid billing errors. Through APIs, you can also integrate GPS tracking information with inventory management systems and accounting systems to give a full view of the entire process, from order to delivery. 

Maintenance of Spools & Reels

Beyond location and usage, GPS tracking can also be useful in the maintenance of spools and reels. With it, you can see when a spool or reel was last moved, how many hours or minutes it has been on location or in the elements, and whether or not it’s due for regular maintenance. This helps businesses schedule inspection, repairs, and eventual replacement for equipment ahead of time to prevent downtime or breakage. 

Overall, tracking spools and reels with GPS can provide businesses with many benefits. The technology provided by companies like Geoforce, allows you to streamline many operations that would be otherwise manually intensive, with the result of saving time and money.