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GPS Oilfield Tracking Devices & Software

Learn about what GPS trackers can do for your oilfield.

The oil and gas industry faces unique challenges every day, from managing remote locations to enduring harsh conditions. Equipping your assets with rugged, durable GPS for oil companies is the key to calming the chaos that so often comes along with trying to overcome these challenges. 

The data you collect from GPS for oilfields, combined with user-friendly tracking systems, can help keep your operation running smoothly and safely. 

Oilfield GPS Tracking

GPS for oilfield operations can’t just be any old device. The unique demands of the oil and gas industry require GPS tracking devices to be reliable even in the most remote, harshest conditions. From offshore rigs to extremely remote locations, a GPS tracker needs to be able to transmit data quickly and accurately.

For example, Geoforce’s GT2 tracker takes into account potential network outages and errors with its message assurance feature. The tracker makes more than one attempt to deliver a message if it doesn’t receive confirmation of receipt. 

Heavy-Duty Tracking Devices

Geoforce oilfield GPS trackers are also field-tested for durability. You can count on them to stay attached to your assets, even when they’re exposed to harsh weather, open sea conditions and other climate factors that would threaten the efficacy of less durable devices. 

It’s not easy to find a GPS device that can endure the conditions on an offshore oil rig. Geoforce is committing to service the oil industry with devices that are built to last. With over 100,000 GPS trackers deployed, they’ve been proven to be the rugged and dependable tracking devices the oil industry needs.

Track & Trace: Oilfield GPS Software

Track and Trace oilfield GPS software from Geoforce gets you the data you need to juggle all the different components of running a successful business in the oil and gas industry. Your durable GPS devices are collecting critical data—now, see it all organized in one user-friendly interface with Track and Trace. 

Hours of Use Tracking

Tracking hours of use accurately helps you save money and stay ahead of maintenance tasks. It allows you to maximize equipment usage while taking care of your equipment so it lasts as long as possible for the best ROI. 

Track the Average Time of Task

How long, on average, is a certain type of oil equipment in use for a task? Understanding these numbers for all your equipment can help you schedule more efficiently and reduce downtime. With accurate data and averages on hand, you can confidently predict how long a task will take and how long a machine will be needed. 

Close Equipment Monitoring

With Track and Trace, you can take one look at a map and see exactly where your equipment is at all times. Beyond that, you can even set up geofences to receive automatic, instant notifications if a piece of equipment leaves a defined area. 

Oilfield GPS Tracking

In the oil and gas industry, it can feel impossible to keep track of all the moving parts. Geoforce provides a single source of reliable, accurate data, accessible at your fingertips at all times. 

Want to learn more about how Geoforce GPS oilfield services can calm the chaos of your oil operation? Talk to our experts today.