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Geoforce Joins Forces with Geotab to Expand Vehicle Tracking Capability

With Team Geo, have the confidence that you’ll maintain complete vehicle and asset tracking.

Fleet management has evolved over the years. Recently, we’ve noticed that fleet managers are emphasizing issues like driving performance, fuel efficiency, hours of service, IFTA compliance, and vehicle maintenance/engine data.  Therefore, in order to serve our vehicle fleet customers in the best way possible, Geoforce has joined forces with Geotab, a leading provider of award-winning fleet management technology.

We are pleased to announce that Geoforce has integrated its Track and Trace solutions with Geotab – offering the “best of both worlds” for vehicle fleet tracking.

Geotab is one of the world’s leading providers of vehicle fleet tracking solutions, and a strong fit for Geoforce as a solution provider.  With Geotab, we believe that Geoforce can now provide great products for both operations-focused field equipment managers and vehicle-focused fleet managers.

For years, Geoforce has satisfied the diverse needs of two distinct types of vehicle fleet customers:

  1. Field Equipment Managers: A group of customers needing to track all types of field equipment (not just vehicles), and focused on making field operations less chaotic.  These customers want to view their service vehicles and field equipment on a single screen and in a single application, but have not yet needed (or could not justify the high cost of) a full suite of comprehensive vehicle tracking products.
  2. Vehicle Fleet Managers: Another large group of our customers are primarily focused on managing their vehicle fleet and typically aren’t too involved with field equipment.  Safety, regulatory compliance, vehicle efficiency, and productivity features are more important to these customers.

Addressing distinct customers with overlapping goals is a distinct challenge for our product development team.  For the last few years, Geoforce focused its vehicle fleet product almost entirely on field equipment managers.  We felt that for industries like oil and gas, sometimes less is more, and our version of fleet tracking for the oilfield won several awards.   However, due to the changing needs of fleet managers, we needed to change our “less is more” approach to one that offers a more full-featured solution.

Among the improved or fully new capabilities Geoforce customers can now offer include:

Driver Behavior Coaching for Enhanced Driver Safety

  • Real-time in-vehicle driver coaching
  • Visual trend reports
  • In-vehicle alerts for idling, speeding, harsh braking, hard cornering, and fast acceleration

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Vehicle maintenance reminders (time, distance, or engine data)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fault data reporting

Regulatory Compliance

  • Automated IFTA miles reporting
  • Hours of Service electronic logging & violation reporting
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) electronic logging

Advanced Software and Expandability

  • MyGeotab web portal for fleet managers
  • Intuitive Android and iOS apps for Hours of Service and DVIR reporting

Award-Winning Vehicle Hardware

  • GO7 device (used by Fortune 500 companies and top 100 fleets)
  • Plug and play installation—no professional installation required – as well as multiple options for “hidden” installation
  • Expandable IOX port for third-party device integration, such as to camera systems

Geoforce’s new Advanced Fleet Management solution (powered by Geotab) is brimming with innovative features that help fleet operators more effectively and efficiently manage their business. Contact Geoforce to learn more!

Stephen Jay Karlson is a Senior Product Manager at Geoforce. He is responsible for managing Geoforce’s full suite of cellular-based vehicle tracking solutions.