Geoforce: Advanced Vehicle Tracking & Electronic Logging Device

Geoforce: Advanced Vehicle Tracking & Electronic Logging Device

Losing visibility into critical vehicle and fleet assets can mean losing money, time, productivity, safety, sanity… Learn about ELD best practices and advanced vehicle tracking.

Want to avoid chaos and unforeseen problems in your field operations? Advanced vehicle tracking through electronic logging devices is a key component of operational efficiency. Well-organized projects backed by automatically updated data run smoothly, with few delays and setbacks. 

Plus, thanks to the ELD electronic logging device mandate, advanced vehicle tracking is a requirement for most vehicle fleets. Make the most of this requirement by using data to your advantage to maximize profits and enhance driver safety. 

Advanced GPS Tracker

For an advanced GPS system to work, the tracker needs to be compact, rugged and simple to install. Electronic logging devices for truckers need to be long-lasting so you can focus on running a business, not on replacing GPS devices. 

It’s also important that an electronic logging device transmits data quickly, so you can view your fleet location and pull reports in nearly real time. 

Geoforce’s GO vehicle tracking device meets all of the above criteria. GO is easy to install by plugging directly into a truck’s OBDII port. Revolutionary tracking technology includes built-in longevity: GO is designed to receive updates for years to come with no need for replacement. Most importantly, you can rely on the detailed data you receive from GO to optimize your field operations to cut back on chaos while increasing safety and profit. 

Electronic Logging Device & Hours of Service

So, what kind of data will you receive from your ELD?

ELDs collect data on…

  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Driving time
  • Vehicle movement
  • Engine hours
  • Location
  • Miles driven
  • Harsh braking, acceleration, and accident data

Our GO device collects this data, which is then displayed in our user-friendly Track and Trace system interface. The data collected by GO helps you save time and money by reducing paperwork, minimizing violations, and improving CSA safety ratings by managing the factors that affect your HOS BASIC score. 

Track & Trace

Advanced vehicle tracking creates safety through transparency. With Geoforce’s Track and Trace system, you receive alerts for fast acceleration, hard cornering and harsh braking. Quickly and easily manage driver scorecards. Generate reports based on the data transmitted by your GO device, including fleet alerts, action items, training reports and incident graphs.

Geoforce provides the only advanced vehicle tracking system that allows you to manage all assets, whether owned, rented or third party, in a single system. The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it simpler than ever to know where your equipment is at all times. 

All-in-one Product from Geoforce 

When you combine the rugged tracking power of a Geoforce GO device with our Track and Trace fleet management system, you gain total power over the chaos of field operations. 

Know where your equipment is at all times. Assess opportunity and risk to maximize your gains and cut your losses. Protect your profit when you use data to avoid billing disputes, verify invoices and confirm service delivery. And of course, keep your drivers safe with automatic alerts and user-friendly report generation.

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