Employee Spotlight - Lindsey Abrams - Geoforce

Employee Spotlight – Lindsey Abrams

Lindsey enjoying a Texas Rangers baseball game!

This month we shine the spotlight on our outdoorsy, photographer, chocolate lover, and star Enterprise Customer Success Manager – Lindsey Abrams!

Sandra: How long have you been with Geoforce?

Lindsey:  3 years

Sandra: What do you do at Geoforce?

Lindsey:  Enterprise Customer Success Manager – My job has a wide scope of responsibilities that cover the entire customer journey. The best part is building and maintaining relationships. I meet with our customers, determine their business needs, and work to close the gap between their initiatives and our solutions when it comes to tracking their assets. I absolutely love what I do and found my place in the business world.

Sandra: What are your hobbies?

Lindsey: I enjoy most things outdoors such as camping, boating, and sporting events.  However, I have a true passion for photography and you will usually find me behind the camera. I capture everything from scenic landscapes, all things nature, or even family photo sessions.

Sandra: What is your favorite attribute of Geoforce and why?

Lindsey:  One of the core values we stand by is Grow Together. Regardless of title or job description, we all have a common goal and everyone is willing and eager to work together. I experience this daily as I work across all organizations within Geoforce.

Sandra: What are your favorite foods to cook and/or eat during the summer months?

Lindsey:  I have a sweet tooth and love all things chocolate. Every afternoon around 3 pm you will usually find me wandering around needing candy to get me through the day. However, when it comes to food nothing beats a home-cooked backyard burger, simple yet incredibly satisfying.

Sandra: What have you gained from working at Geoforce?

Lindsey:   Short and simple… Friendships that will last a lifetime.

Sandra: What is something you have always wanted to do but never done?

Lindsey:  I don’t really have an answer for this one. If I wanted to do something I have always made time and effort to make it happen. My perspective changed over the past few years, so life is more about making memories each and every day with my loved ones and appreciating the time I have with them.