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GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

Losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

Operational efficiency can make or break a construction project. A well-organized project runs smoothly, with few delays and setbacks. With the right equipment tracing devices and technology, construction site managers can avoid chaos and unforeseen problems to achieve seamless job execution every time. 

Below, read about just a few of the ways GPS tracking for construction equipment can help optimize your site efficiency for increased revenue and smoother day-to-day operations. 

Track Hours of Use

Equipment tracking devices make it easy to track hours accurately so you can save money with data-driven scheduling.

Underutilized equipment can end up costing you money. Want to get the best return on your investment from your construction equipment? Keep a close eye on equipment usage using electronic log data with Track and Trace systems by Geoforce. 

GPS tracking from Geoforce allows you to track and trace your assets from your computer or smartphone. Pull customized reports for a site-specific view of equipment usage. This data allows you to schedule your construction equipment more efficiently for less wasted downtime and a bigger ROI. 

Equipment usage reports are also helpful for improving client communication. For example, if a client disputes an invoice, your equipment tracing devices give you the data you need to prove when exactly your team was on site, and for how long. Instead of arguing with clients, you can present them with data for easy dispute resolution.

Remote Site Management

If you manage a construction site, you know how important it is to know where all of your equipment is at all times. With Geoforce’s user-friendly interface, you can check the exact location of your assets at any time.

Even when you’re not physically there, Track and Trace reports allow you to monitor all the moving parts of your construction site from afar, from fuel usage to employee scheduling to asset location. 

Equipment tracking devices also allow you to monitor unauthorized equipment usage. Off-hour or unauthorized usage, including use by untrained operators, can be a major liability and safety hazard. 

GPS trackers for heavy equipment let you see when and where your equipment is being used. You can even set up notifications so you receive a text or email alert if one of your assets is being used outside of certain timeframe or location parameters. 

When it comes to running a smooth construction site, knowledge is power. GPS for construction equipment gives you the high visibility and electronic log data you need to stay on top of your job sites, even remotely. 

Find Stolen Equipment

If one of your assets is stolen, GPS location tracking makes all the difference in locating it. Geoforce’s rugged equipment tracking devices are difficult to remove and stand up against the elements, so no matter where the asset is taken, you can take immediate action to retrieve it. 

The loss of construction equipment can be devastating for your bottom line. Not only have you lost an expensive asset, but you may also face increased insurance premiums and job delays. 

The quicker you notice a theft, the more likely it is that law enforcement can bring your asset back to you. With advanced geofencing, you can receive instant alerts when a piece of equipment leaves a predefined perimeter. 


Geoforce understands the importance of efficiency in the construction industry. When time is money, you can’t afford misplaced or underutilized assets. With Geoforce’s Track and Trace systems, you can streamline your construction site operations, managing your entire business from one user-friendly software interface. 

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