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Prometheus Construction

Prometheus Construction improves employee efficiency and theft recovery
Problem Solved
Zone 0 Certified Hardware,
Loss & Theft Prevention,
Operational Efficiency

Prometheus Construction works to protect public and private property owners by stabilizing the earth and mitigating hazards from potentially devastating erosion and rockfall situations. Their core competencies include erosion control, rockfall mitigation, rock scaling, boulder demolition, retaining wall construction and repair, shotcrete, as well as extensive expertise in drilling, anchoring, and micropile installations.

Brian Mahnken, Prometheus’ Constructions Operations Manager, selected Geoforce for its field operations-focused software applications that combine visibility into fleet vehicles and equipment in a single platform, and the extreme reliability of its GPS tracking devices that are purpose-built for the rugged environments Prometheus often encounters. In addition, Mr. Mahnken appreciated the unparalleled hands-ons service and support he has experienced from Geoforce’s global customer operations team. Prometheus is utilizing Geoforce solutions to improve employee efficiency, increase the likelihood of theft recovery, and manage the maintenance and location of powered portable equipment as they progress from project to project.