PetroBRAS - Geoforce


Petrobras uses GPS to streamline tank and container management

Founded in 1953, Petrobras is the largest company by market capitalization in the Southern Hemisphere. Petrobras has a presence in 17 countries, while leading the Brazilian Oil and Gas industry.

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Petrobras needed to provide its customers with a better way to optimize utilization of containerized cargo units (CCU’s), while reducing costs and providing additional visibility into the supply chain to support operations.


Petrobras’ fleet of nearly 1,000 bulk chemical containers were equipped by Geoforce with GT1 GPS tracking devices, as well as a data feed to Petrobras’ internal GPS tracking application.
Geoforce also provided installation and ongoing managed services.


By greatly increasing efficiency after installing Geoforce, Petrobras was able to utilize fewer units. Consequently, it saw decreased costs of procurement and rentals of CCU’s by its customers. This efficiency has supported growth related to the start of operations of several new offshore platforms in Brazil.

“With continuous monitoring and the automatic position data provided by Geoforce, we are able to dynamically manage the movement of CCU’s.”
– Andre Lapa, Contract Administrator