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Mine Bridges

Geoforce helps Chilean mining leader Mine Bridges reduce risk of relocation loss

Based in Santiago, Chile, Mine Bridges is a technology provider for the mining industry. The company improves and optimizes processes through the development and integration of new software and hardware, which respond disruptively to the specific needs of each client.

Problem Solved
Zone 0 Certified Hardware,
Equipment Rental Management,
Asset Utilization,
Loss & Theft Prevention

According to Mine Bridges’ project manager Roberto González Gazmuri, Geoforce was chosen because of its local support team in South America, rugged, intrinsically safe GPS tracking devices, industry focused software application, and easy to use and rapidly deployable equipment.

“Geoforce’s global traceability solutions allow us to know the location of our dispersed assets at all times,” said Mr. Gazmuri. “This reduces the risk of loss due to relocation during shifts that are not reported to incoming mining operations teams. As such, Geoforce helps our customers reduce time and cost, and, ultimately, improve their operations.”

Mine Bridges is currently utilizing Geoforce in luminaries that are constantly being moved according to the development of mines. This frequent movement increases the probability of misplaced or lost equipment, a problem that is solved with Geoforce’s GPS tracking system.