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ETS improves operational efficiency and customer value with Geoforce asset tracking

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When a valued customer needed more visibility into their field assets, Geoforce helped ETS Australia make it happen. The result not only solved a costly problem but enabled ETS to elevate service delivery and become a trusted strategic partner.


Tracking a business-critical asset

Mines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but only if they have access to the lubricant needed to keep machines running smoothly. If supplies run out, the resulting shutdown can cost hundreds of thousands.

ETS manufactures the lubricant and manages the tanks that keeps mining operations humming, and in 2014, one of their largest customers, Castrol Australia, asked for help in tracking the tanks ETS supplies to its customers. The size of the mines and the vast distances between them meant that tanks were getting lost or misplaced frequently.

“Castrol was losing more than 30 tanks per year at a cost of $8,000 per tank,” explained Angela Ball, Office Manager at ETS. “Not only was it an expensive problem, but it was impacting their service to customers.”

“Castrol was losing more than 30 tanks per year at a cost of $8,000 per tank.”

ETS turned to Geoforce to help them craft a solution, and the result was an award-winning program that exceeded their own expectations and those of Castrol Australia and its mining customers.


Preventing costly asset loss

Geoforce helped ETS add ruggedized tracking devices specially designed for heavy industry and equipped with a 6 to 8-year battery life to 950 tanks so that they can be tracked across customers’ mining locations. The satellite connectivity provides 100% message consistency and reliable data flow without dependency on cellular network coverage. The Geoforce Track and Trace software gives ETS and Castrol a complete and reliable, at-a-glance view of the location of each asset so that tanks no longer go missing.

ETS and Castrol utilized the Geoforce solution for additional insights including time in the field, service history, damage log, and required repairs for assets in the field.


Generating valuable business intelligence

Being able to collect and analyze asset data on the Track and Trace platform enables ETS to track utilization and maintenance so that they can support Castrol better.

“We can look at historical data to anticipate repairs so that when the tank comes back, we have all the parts ready and the labor scheduled accordingly,” said Ball.

Asset-tracking data also helps Castrol make better business decisions.

“With Geoforce, we can give Castrol business intelligence that enables them to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs,” said Ball. “They can use the data to do things like identify and redeploy underused tanks and predict the need for refills or repairs.”

Enhancing the customer experience

In addition to improving their own operations, Castrol has been able to use the Geoforce solution to enhance the experience they deliver to their customers. Castrol now gives select customers access to the Track and Trace software so that they can gain more visibility and control over the assets they lease from Castrol and plan their operations more efficiently.

The Geoforce solution has helped ETS to enhance their value and strengthen the partnership with Castrol. In 2016, Castrol recognized ETS with the ‘Best Practice in Courage’ award for service innovations that enabled Castrol to access tank location, cycle time, replenishment, and dispatch data.

“By working closely with Castrol to provide tracking and reporting services, we’ve made a huge difference in their business,” said Ball. “Asset tracking and intelligence has become part of a service that we can offer to our customers that truly differentiates our business.”